Author’s Journey: Angela Hunt’s Newest Release!

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Daughter of Cana — Book One, Jerusalem Road

A fresh perspective on an ancient story . . .

Angela Hunt, Award-Winning,
Bestselling Novelist

Angela Hunt is known for her thrilling Biblical fiction, that is both insightful and accurate. Her newest novel—book one in the Jerusalem Road series, Daughter of Cana—does not disappoint. In fact, it is up there as one of my new favorites. She has taken a fresh approach to icons of the faith by giving us the perspective of family members who were left behind.

Tasmin, Thomas’ twin sister, and Jude, one of Yeshua’s (Hebrew for Jesus) half-brothers embark on a journey to convince their seemingly misguided siblings to return home and back to their ordinary lives.

Daughter of Cana begins with the Biblical story of the Wedding of Cana—the venue of Yeshua’s first public miracle. Tasmin and Thomas were hired to manage the wedding feast. However, from the moment the dusty guests from Nazareth arrive, Thomas is nowhere to be found. Tasmin must step in and assume her brother’s responsibilities as well her own, thereby coloring her opinion of the Nazarite.

Jude and Tasmin meet when they investigate Yeshua’s miracle of changing water into wine. Neither of them believes it is possible. Tasmin, because she’s a skeptic, and Jude, because Yeshua is just his brother, after all. The brother he feels was favored by their mother.

Drawn to this man of Nazareth who speaks with authority and wisdom, Thomas unceremoniously leaves his sister behind to not only clean up after the event but pack up her goods and ailing father to travel back home. She is dumbfounded given all she and her twin have shared their entire life—including a terrible secret.

Tasmin and Jude’s adventurous journey gives readers both a beautiful and brutal picture of this time in history. Familiar stories of Yeshua’s miracles and messages take on new meaning because of the familial witnesses.

Obviously, Hunt makes a few conjectures for story purposes, but they are logical and believable. As a scholar of Biblical studies, she is a trustworthy source—of course, the concise references help, too.

There’s no doubt why Hunt is an award-winning, bestselling author. New readers of Angela Hunt’s books will want to read more. Fans of her books will not be disappointed. All will be moved and inspired.

**I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. Opinions are mine alone. I was not compensated for this review.