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Finding the Story is Like Flying

Readers ask me how do you come up with stories. Each story has it’s own journey to the page. Sometimes it begins with a picture, a scene in my mind. Other times, I “see” a character who struggles through a challenge or has a moment of revelation. Real life situations also play a role — I’ll watch a program on television — a documentary — and I’ll think, “What if . . .” Then a story begins to unfold. A small spark.

But, today’s blog is my attempt at explaining what it feels like when the story grows its legs and personality and occupies my thoughts like a newborn baby. It’s like flying.

I believe any creative act is rooted in one of two places — the heart of the Creator of the Universe (our Father) or the father of lies.

“. . . but they who wait for Adonai [LORD] will renew their strength. They will soar up with wings as eagles. They will run, and not grow weary. They will walk, and not be faint.”

Isaiah 40:31, TLV

Finding the Truth behind the Story

When the creative person — be they writers, songwriters, artists, teachers — finds the truth behind the story, it’s like connecting to the Creator of the Universe where anything can happen. Anything. Once that truth is revealed we can soar up with wings like eagles. The creative process begins. Suddenly characters come to life and accept their roles in the story.

As the story grows, seemingly disconnected pieces have meaning and eventually, they fit together with purpose. Conflict has purpose in the hero’s journey — in fact, it is necessary.

Writing something from a spark of an idea is as close to creation we’ll get without childbirth.

If we detour from the core of the story’s truth, we can feel the loss of momentum. We drop like a stone when we lose our authenticity and the story’s integrity. When we try to force our agenda on the characters or tale.

It doesn’t matter if the story is fiction or nonfiction, the same rules apply. Follow the story as it leads you. Be bold and courageous and consider the importance of each word.

One line of a beautifully crafted, authentic sentence is worth more than 100,000 words.

I pray that my stories fly into my readers’ hearts so that they know the Creator of the Universe loves them. That He writes our stories. That we can soar with Him in heavenly places — winged with a story from His heart.

What makes you fly?

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