Book Journey: Holding Hands

Terri Gillespie My Latest Book Journey

Part 1: How the story began . . .

Merry Christmas! I thought I’d give you one of my most precious gifts: how God gives me a story. With a working title (WT) of Holding Hands, you’ll get a peak into the wild and crazy mind of me.

People ask me where I come up with ideas for stories and characters. Mark Twain once said, “Write what you know.” So, who am I to argue with him.

Typically, a seed is formed with the “What if . . .” question.

The idea for my newest project, Holding Hands began in 2007 shortly after I had surgery on my right hand. The procedure was called a Dupetryn release of my right pinkie finger. After the surgery I entered a painful time of physical therapy with a physical therapist (PT) who specialized in hands–only hands.

The PT was a lovely woman who held court with her patients at a long table. The spark for my story came while waiting for my turn and watching her work with two patients simultaneously.

I remember thinking, “What if a physical therapist held the hands of two patients–one from her sinful past and one who may be her future?”

That was the seed that was planted inside that sacred place of inspiration. The place where artists of every kind can touch the creative heart of the Creator of the Universe.

Follow along with me as I share more insights into these characters and their stories. And please pray that Holding Hands finds a publishing home.