Daily Word: Proverbs 1:7

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Ah, my dear friends. We can’t avoid it. Here is one of the primary reasons why
we don’t simply study Proverbs and move on to our next study. It is because wisdom begins with the fear of the LORD. We can study the the definitions of what scholars tell us the fear of the LORD means, but because the fear of the ADONAI is intrinsically woven into our pursuit of wisdom, discernment, and knowledge, it is to be lived.

Daily Word: 68:20 [19]

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Most likely, this psalm — written by David — was a psalm of ascent. Ascent as in walking up to the Tabernacle in worship. This psalm has a wide range of themes, from conquering God’s enemies, defending widows and orphans, to remembering the Israelites in the desert, to warnings to kings of the nations, etc. But today’s verse, and many others in this psalm, is about comfort.

Daily Word: Galatians 5:23

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Here’s that old confusing redemption and sanctification thing. Redemption means without our earning it, we are redeemed. Because it is only by the grace of the Father and atonement by His Son, that our sins are covered. Sanctification is the process is living out that our flesh was crucified. Because we will be dealing with those passions and desires that fight against the spirit in us for the rest of our lives.