For, “All humanity is like grass, and all its glory like a wildflower. The grass withers, and the flower falls off, but the word of the Lord endures forever.” And this is the word that was proclaimed as Good News to you. 1 Peter 1:24-25, TLV

I love the poetry in this passage. The fisherman apostle pulls from Isaiah 40:6,8 to beautifully illustrate that our bodies are mortal. But, the word of the LORD is our Good News of life eternal with our Heavenly Father, all because of what His Son did for us. That’s Good News, indeed.

This is the first of two epistles Peter wrote — or at least, were canonized. You can see his personality shine through in the previous verses. Things like

So brace your minds for action. Keep your balance. And set your hope completely on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Yeshua the Messiah. Like obedient children, do not be shaped by the cravings you had formerly in your ignorance.”


Knowing what we know about Peter, his reactive nature stemming from a wholehearted — albeit sometimes misguided — belief. These epistles show his maturity. His exuberance has been honed to be more effective.

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I guess, I wanted to highlight that fact a bit, because sometimes I can be reactive and foolhardy, so there must be hope for me. However long it takes.

How has humanity caused you to stumble?

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