Daily Word: Psalm 24:1

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A psalm of David.
The earth is ADONAI’s [the LORD’s] and all that fills it—
the world, and those dwelling on it.  Psalm 24:1, TLV


Owner’s Manual to Life. If our Heavenly Father is the owner of the earth and the Creator of the Universe, it stands to reason when He publishes an owner’s manual we would greatly benefit from reading it.

Not only read it, but study it.

Not only study it, but use it.

Not only use it, but live it.

It’s never too late to begin. To read the Bible.

How does one begin?

Begin by reading 3 chapters each day — as best you can — from three books within the Bible:

  1. Proverbs

  2. Psalms

  3. Matthew

Reading a chapter of Proverbs each day for the rest of your life on this earth will give more insights on life, finances, raising children, and people skills than a stack of philosophy books.

Psalms gives us insights into worship and the character of this Creator who loves us. The psalmists weren’t afraid to be real — to express doubt, anger, grief, fear, because they knew God loved them. Keep reading a chapter of Psalms each day, too, to better understand our Creator and learn how to praise and worship Him.

Then the third chapter can come from any other book of the Bible — Genesis to Revelation — but I recommend beginning in the Gospel of Matthew. The former tax collector’s writing style and content are fundamental and transition well from the older books of the Bible.

Information Overload?

There will be a wealth of information each day — in fact, too much. That’s okay. You know why? Because we’re not supposed to understand it all in one day. It’s a lifetime of learning and living it.

Reading, studying, and living the Bible means taking what “jumps out” at us, meditate on that, journal that, and live it. All the while knowing that the rest you’ll read again and again and again. It isn’t unusual to read the same verses for years and suddenly, it makes sense and is lifechanging. Why? Because now is when we need to “see” that revelation.

It’s the manual for every single thing in our life. Complex answers. Simple answers. But, always, answers.

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