Today’s Blog: Rooted?

TODAY’S PROVERB: No one is made secure by wickedness, but a righteous root will not be moved. Proverbs 12:3, TLV

You’ve probably run into them. Those that always seem to get away with wickedness. In the business world. Charities. Even government-supported programs like welfare and food stamps. The folks who work “the system.” It’s not everyone, of course, but there are those who take advantage of “loop-holes” and find ways to capitalize for their own profit. And, because they are so successful, they believe they are secure, in control.

Meanwhile, we work hard, strive to live righteously and sometimes we feel like we’re the little guy out there alone. A little sprig of integrity surrounded by giant sequoias of wickedness.

But, is that really true?

Did you know there is an enormous grove of aspens in Utah, where the trunks are wimpy thin and appear to be so fragile you wonder how they survive the rough weather in the mountains. They quake and shake like frightened chihuahuas — but looks can be deceiving.

Those trunks number around 47,000, but in reality, it’s only one plant. Named the Pando (Latin for “I spread out”), it is the largest and oldest organism in the world. Each trunk shares the same genetic code, and the same root.

They’re also known as the “quaking aspen.” However, just try pulling one out. Not going to happen. They are one entity.

A righteous root

As children of the Most High God, aren’t we kind of like that? We all share our Heavenly Father’s “genetic” code. We’re not alone. Knowing we’re all connected as one Body should give us comfort. And, it should also encourage us to stay connected with our brothers and sisters.

We can learn so much from each other. We can help each other be accountable, and comfort and support one another.

We’re no quaking soul surrounded by evil giants. We are rooted by the Creator of the Universe, and that’s pretty secure, my friends.

May we rest knowing we’re securely rooted, my friends.

Proverbs 12:3 Tree of Life Version – TLV, #tlvbible#tlvproverbs


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