Does too much talk make you crave but have nothing?

Today’s Proverb: The slacker’s soul craves, yet has nothing, but the diligent soul will be satisfied. Proverbs 13:4

For some folks all their energy is spent talking about an idea, rather than working the idea. In other words: some talk, some do. New ideas are wonderful. Brainstorming ideas are wise. But there comes a point where continuing to talk drains our energy and motivation to do the work it takes to get the job done.

Even the most intelligent people can be slackers because they don’t produce anything. They live in their heads.

Too much talk can raise unrealistic expectations which will either set us up for failure, or discourage us from ever beginning.

Too much talk raises unrealistic expectations . . .


For many years, I never understood why I struggled with accomplishing the “great” ideas I had. After awhile there were piles of unfinished projects everywhere. Those unrealized goals clogged up my brain with an unrealistic hope that I’d one day finish them, and discouragement that I couldn’t.

Slackers have a choice: ignore the piles and unrealized ideas, talk about them more, or stop trying to figure things out and just work.

May we choose diligence rather than talking, my friends

Proverbs 13:4 Tree of Life Bible Society, Tree of Life Version – TLV, #tlvbible#tlvproverbs

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