What lenses are we wearing?

TODAY’S PROVERBS: A wicked soul craves evil—his neighbor finds no favor in his eyes. Proverbs 21:10

HeRoseToday, millions of followers of Jesus celebrate His resurrection! Without that resurrection our sins would not be atoned (covered) by His blood because He would not have been a spotless, perfect sacrifice. Why? Because He said he would be raised from the dead. (Matthew 12:38-41; Luke 11:29-32) Had He not risen from the grave He would have been a liar and unworthy as the Passover Lamb. But He did! HE IS RISEN! Halleluyah!


Okay, we have ourselves a “Blink Proverb*” in today’s verse. I hope you’ll stick with me to blinkthe end because this proverb contains some great insights.

Back in November, we talked about rose-colored glasses. How there were actually medicinal values to them and that it was an analogy of seeing the world in a more positive light — which also is healthy.

The other side to wearing lenses colored to reflect a positive state of being is the negative side. Or, in the case of this verse, the evil side.

Can we as followers of Jesus view the world or people with a negative perception? Unfortunately, yes. What might that look like:

  • When we don’t forgive: When we don’t take the time to forgive, we can view someone as always having ill-intent toward us. Eventually it will make us have distrustful eyes for others.
  • When we’re prideful: we can view others as not being as smart or insightful as us.
  • When we’re ungrateful: we can view the world through greed or envy. We can doubt God’s goodness.

If we haven’t dealt with issues like these, how we see people and circumstances is distorted. Those around us will not find “favor” in our eyes.

How do we know if we’re wearing distorted lenses? Interestingly enough, there is a pattern we develop. It may begin with an event or set of circumstances. We come away angry, hurt, disappointed. When we don’t forgive and seek to deal with what happened, distorted “lenses” form and we begin “seeing” these emotions/issues all around us.

Watch for those patterns. Seek the Lord, forgive, repent for whatever are our responsibilities, then let Him remove the “scales” from our eyes like Paul (Acts 9:18).

I like the idea of rose-colored glasses. Of seeing things in a real, healthy, and Godly manner. How we “see” should reflect our risen Messiah. And that’s just how it should be, don’t you think?

May we the distorted lenses be removed and we walk in the light, my friends.


Proverbs 21:10 Tree of Life Bible Society, Tree of Life Version – TLV, #tlvbible#tlvproverbs

*A “blink” proverb is a proverb that on the surface, we don’t believe applies to us or is relevant for today. However, on closer reflection, there are significant insights and wisdom for us. Thanks to Dr. Raleigh Washington for coining the great analogy.

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