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Today’s Blog: Birthday Gratitude

TODAY’S PROVERB: Even a fool — who keeps quiet — is considered wise; discerning, if he seals his lips. Proverbs 17: 28, TLV

Dad and Me

So, today’s my birthday. And I chose this proverb to commemorate my long and arduous — yet, somehow satisfying — Wisdom Journey. I am incredibly blessed that our Heavenly Father did not give up on me, because I sure would have. I’m blessed because He has given me wonderful people to help me — some who almost gave up on me. (And, I don’t blame them.)

Today’s verse has become my touchstone to wisdom. When my busy mind detours reasonable thoughts and wise decisions, this is where I seek to land until I can find my way back to Father. To the Quiet Place. Which begins with my closing my mouth. Shutting up until there’s something to say. And that may not happen at all.

My Adorable Daughter (1977)

This life — as with many of you — has not been easy. There are times I doubted that GOD could use me at all. Learning that He can and does — without my ever knowing — was a game-changer. All my painful mistakes are the very things that open other hearts to our Father’s goodness. If I can overcome, anyone can.

As I celebrate quietly with my hubby — the amazing man that he is — I am counting all of you as my sweet, precious treasures. Gifts from a generous Father. Thank you for putting up with me when I probably should have sealed my lips. For brainstorming new concepts. The inspiring insights and encouragements.

God bless you.

Saying Good Bye to Jerusalem

May we continue this journey together, my friends.

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