Wisdom’s Journey: Proverbs 24:21-22

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Don’t join the “rebel’s army.”

TODAY’S PROVERB: My son, fear ADONAI and the king, and do not associate with rebels. For their destruction will arise suddenly, and who knows the ruin both ADONAI and the king can bring? Proverbs 24:21-22

If you’ve worked in the world any length of time, you’ve probably seen this proverb LookingforProblemsplayed out at least once or twice. It begins with the complainer. This soul complains about any and everything — from their chair, to the lighting, to management. They gripe to anyone who listens — or politely pretends to listen. We’ve all worked with these annoying folks. Sometimes it seems like they are looking for things to complain about.

However, when the complainer begins recruiting followers, what was annoying behavior becomes rebellion. Once the rebel’s “army” grows, eventually management will take notice. The rebel and the minions may all be fired.

Where this behavior is especially dangerous is in our congregations and ministries. Be wary of complainers and watch for those who actively seek to amass followers.

If a “rebel” approaches you, be discerning. Even if you may agree with some of the issues they raise, do not engage. Encourage them to follow business procedures for complaints or if a congregation, follow congregational/Biblical procedures. If they have an offence with one of their co-workers or supervisors, encourage them to go directly to them.

Should they either not follow protocol, or continue to complain, it’s best to keep our distance and pray. For as this proverb says, these things have a way of resolving themselves and those resolutions can mean they are fired or asked to leave.

We should always prayerfully seek amicable resolutions and reconciliations when possible. Just know, those who create division God will eventually weed out.

May we seek to promote unity and reconciliation, my friends.

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