Wisdom’s Journey: Proverbs 24:23

Terri Gillespie Wisdom’s Journey Through Proverbs

Today’s Blog: Why is partiality in judgment not good?

TODAY’S PROVERB: These sayings are also from the wise: Partiality in judgment is not good. Proverbs 24:23, TLV

Are there times when partiality is okay? Sometimes. Someone has a bad day, we give them a bit more grace, maybe even some mercy when they’re grumpy. But, when it comes to justice, we must judge without partiality. We must weigh the evidence impartially — we must take the time to examine the evidence. Once the judgment is made, we follow-through with the appropriate sentence.

When this process doesn’t happen, it sends a message that our judgment can be bought. Whether by politics, money, power, or even foolish or hasty compassion.

If there are victims associated with a crime, impartiality is even more important. This is why the Bible instructs us to pray for our leaders. They must exercise great wisdom, discernment, knowledge, and understanding.

Once the judgement is made, that need doesn’t end. Sentencing impacts both the individual and society. The one who determines the sentence may need to grant mercy or bring the whole penalty of the law to bear.

Full Penalty of Law

Think about this: Yeshua — Jesus — took the whole penalty of the law on Himself. For us. And His own Father showed no mercy on Him.

I think of that, a Father watching His beloved Son sacrifice Himself for others when He could have pulled back the punishment. But, He didn’t. He didn’t because of us.

It didn’t end there, but because of that complete fulfillment of the penalty, we can be free. Truly free! How can we not honor, love, and walk out the rest of our lives in humble gratitude?

May we be grateful that our Father showed no partiality in judgement for us, my friends.

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