Today’s Blog: Why the Tiger?*

TODAY’S PROVERB: There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes, and yet is not cleansed from its filth. Proverbs 30:12, TLV

We have labeled our generations and experts have done their best to characterize them. The origins of this practice came from the marketing and advertising firms that seek to sell products. Still, there are some insights we might find useful.

No matter what title we’ve been given, as we discussed in yesterday’s blog, we all arrive the same — alive. We’ve been given the gift of life from the Giver of life. What happens from there determines who we can become.

Ironically, the previous generations as well as circumstances affect the tone of future generations. This sowing and reaping into their lives is logical in the Biblical sense. It can help us to understand, but not condone poor behaviors as highlighted in this proverb.

The following is submitted as information for prayer and in how we relate:

  • Snowflake Generation: (2000-present) because of doting parents and social media, the Snowflakes believe they are so unique, which has caused a sense of entitlement.
  • Generation Z: (1996-2014) influenced by reports of global warming, economic uncertainty, terrorism, and technology Gen Z believes in the American dream but are depressed by the economy.
  • Y Generation: (1977-1995) most affected by 9/11 and the new phenomenon of school shootings, they were the first generation labels as having a sense of entitlement, and are offended by this. Tech savvy and suffer from depression more than other generations.
  • Generation X: (1965-1976) influenced by childhoods where both parents worked, home computers, rise of divorce, Fall of Berlin Wall and the Challenger explosion. Gen X actually enjoy a more healthy work-home balance. Love the entrepreneurial life and love entertainment probably due to unsupervised times before and after school.
  • Baby Boomers: (1946-1964) influenced by the JFK assassination, Civil Rights, sexual liberation, post WWII boom, Apollo moon landing, Woodstock, wrote letters and believed in the American dream. Difficult to label because there were so many subgroups due to political and music influences. They share values with older and younger generations, but have no trouble rejecting traditional values.
  • The Silent Generation: (1925-1945) influenced by WWII, the Great Depression, rationing, jobs for life, wrote letters. This generation was called Silent because the major conformed to social norms of the time. However, some leaders had a profound impact on the younger generations. Leaders like: Robert Kennedy, Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Gloria Steinem.

Complex people or . . .

We’re a complex group of people. Especially when we focus on our own needs and give into the need to defend our behaviors and beliefs. Why? Because we’re clinging to the gift of life, rather than the Giver.

So, that means every generation tends to think they are “pure.” Feel justified in their behaviors and opinions. We just need to remember the Giver sees who we really are. And, we — as His children — should seek Him for help as we overcome those labels. To be influenced by Him.

In the meantime, now we have some insights into other age groups and can speak to their need for a Savior, and a Father who loves them dearly.

May we be the people our Father created us to be, my friends.


*Why the Tiger graphic? I’m sorry, my friends, I just liked it and it looks cool, don’t you think?

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