Wisdom’s Journey: Proverbs 6:22

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Do you wake up to the Father’s voice?

TODAY’S PROVERB: When you walk, they will guide you.
When you lie down, they will watch over you, and when you wake up, they will speak to you. Proverbs 6:22

Do you have those early morning meetings with your Heavenly Father? Where you hear His “voice?”

When I worked outside the home, I had some pretty crazy schedules and diverse responsibilities. Once my mind revved up for the day, it was difficult to pause and provide a calm environment for the LORD and I to spend quality time together. And, honestly, even then I didn’t always give Him the opportunity to speak first — or at all.

Because my Father knows my frame, and that I am dust (Genesis 18:27, Psalm 103:14), He knows the optimal time for Him to get a word in edgewise . . . when I first wake up.

Back then I loved those wee hours of the mornings when He spoke to me. Before the alarm went off, when I was only barely awake. He would whisper something profound, or sweet, or a warning, or a solution, or even a reminder of what was important that I was missing.

Sometimes it came as a song. Other times passages in Scripture. Other times a phrase. And, if I was particularly slow in receiving His word, a dream (Job 33:12-17).

I might top off those morning moments with a quick read of Proverbs, or find the passages He referred to. That was pretty much it, other than the occasional prayers and fellowship. But, I don’t know how I or my family would have survived those stressful days without those moments of guidance and encouragement.

Now that I have retired, those early morning moments are appetizers to the coming meal I’ll have in a few minutes. As I tuck into my comfy couch with my Bible, journal, and hazelnut decaf coffee, I allow my Father to unpack those insights. It’s a gift to have this time to read, listen, pray, journal, and feel His love.

When those special times are taken from me, I tend to get grumpy. If this happens regularly, I know that it’s time for some priority adjustments.

What do your Father/daughter or Father/son moments look like? Are you a morning person or evening person? Are they brief because of heavy schedules, or lingering?

Spending time with our Abba (our Daddy), is so precious. And what’s even greater, He looks forward to that time more than us. How amazing is that!

May we wake up to our Father’s “voice,” my friends.

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