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The celebration of our Savior’s resurrection is this month.

For many, the celebration includes an egg hunt. Within those eggs are sometimes wonderful treasures — and not just an egg yolk! This month’s Author Highlight & Giveaway is a real treasure! Award-winning and bestselling author Kelli Stuart was introduced to me through her latest book, The Master Craftsman. If you’re like me and love time-slip novels — novels whose plots are interwoven between two time periods — you’ll love this book. Plus, there is an egg hunt like no other. This egg is worth millions of dollars.

Even though our family doesn’t celebrate the traditional “Easter” I have always loved eggs. Eating them, looking at them nicely displayed, whatever. While Bob was in the Navy, he picked up two hand etched eggs made of marble in Taiwan. With all our moves the little things were lost. I’d only seen a few photos of authentic Fabergé eggs, so I was giddy with delight over Kelli’s book, and all her research, especially the surprise egg (read below).

But, Kelli’s story is so much more than a treasure hunt, which is why I gave the book a 5-Star review! If you haven’t already be sure to watch my YouTube review. Check out why I loved Kelli’s latest release. — click here.

But, what I’m most excited about is getting to know Kelli. How about you?

Her bio: Kelli Stuart is the author of the Carol Award-winning Like a River from Its Course, as well as A Silver Willow by the Shore, and Life Creative: Inspiration for Today’s Renaissance Mom (with Wendy Speake). Stuart has written for The Huffington Post, 5 Minutes for Mom, Tonic.com, Disney, American Girl, The MOB Society, Extraordinary Mommy, God Size Dreams, Short Fiction Break, and (in)courage. Kelli is a storyteller at heart, fluent in the Russian language, and has spent the last two decades studying the Russian and Ukrainian culture. Kelli lives in Tampa, Florida, with her husband and five children.

Kelli and her Crew!

Five children?! Kelli! You look like you’re in your twenties!

What did you read as a child? Or, what did/do you read to your children/grandchildren?

I am a child of the ‘80’s, so I faithfully read every single copy of The Babysitter’s Club, The Gymnast series, and Sweet Valley Twins. I used to line all my books up on my carpet in order and sigh with happiness.

I just got an image of young Kelli lining her well-worn paperbacks and resting her chin in her hands, sighing in contentment. Talk about “character” development!

Who are your favorite authors to read & why?

I love historical fiction, so anyone who does that well is always top of my list. Susan Meissner, Ariel Lawhon, Patti Callahan, and Kristen Harmel come to mind, as well as Kristin Hannah and Barbara Kingsolver.

Which of your characters has really stretched you as a writer?

The antagonist in my first novel, Like a River From Its Course, was a young Nazi soldier who was part of the group tasked with “cleansing” all the Jews from Kyiv, Ukraine. I really struggled with how to write him, so that I didn’t paint him as some one-dimensional killer without a soul, but rather a complex, complicated man making terrible choices.

That would be difficult. Someone said: “Hurt people, hurt people.” Bitterness and fear colors our perception, doesn’t it?

What is the story behind The Master Craftsman?

Yes, that’s a cupcake next to a $33 million Fabergé egg!

I came across an article about the accidental discovery of one of the missing Faberge Imperial Eggs by a scrap metal dealer in the Midwest who thought he was just buying a hunk of gold to melt down and resell. It turned out he had something much more valuable on his hands, and he sold it to a museum for 33 million dollars. This got me wondering about all the other missing Imperial eggs, and when you get an author wondering about something, you usually end up with a story. (Click here for the true story.)

WHAT?! $33 million and the guy sat it next to a cupcake?! That’s a story in itself. It sure made The Master Craftsman’s story plausible.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on a novel with a friend that we are going to simultaneously turn into a screenplay. It’s more of a contemporary story, which I don’t often write, so it’s a fun challenge.

A novel and screenplay! Oh my! Can’t wait to hear more about that!

What is the best writing tip you ever received? How was it helpful?

Do one thing every day that makes you money. Maybe that’s writing a certain number of words. Maybe that’s marketing through various challenges. But do one thing every day.

That’s great advice. 

A friend once asked me, “What are you passionate about? So passionate that you cry out and pound your fist on the table?” What is your pound-on-the-table passion?

Right now, currently, it’s shedding light on the historical significance of the war between Russia and Ukraine and why it matters to today.

I would love to hear more about that, Kelli. We have friends in the Ukraine and I have friends in Israel that provide humanitarian aid to the influx of Ukrainian Jews.

There’s more to Kelli’s interview on my YouTube channel. Be sure to check that out, especially because of her giveaway! Speaking of which . . .

The April’s Author Highlight Giveaway!

Kelli has generously offered a signed copy of The Master Craftsman and a beautiful a delicate pink papaya egg pendant! These beautiful gifts could be yours! How? Leave a comment below and share this blog and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to this newsletter and receive two free gifts from me.


Check out my YouTube Author Highlight interview with Kelli. Because, in the video interview she will answer different questions–including some insights into the Ukrainian/Russian conflict. Plus you don’t want to miss one very exciting little known fact about Kelli.  By Liking and Commenting on the video episode, you will have one more entry. Sharing the video, another entry. Subscribe, and you have TWO entries for a chance to win.

The Deadline is April 14th!

Author Highlight with Terri & Kelli

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Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Kelli!

Next month’s Author Highlight is the bestselling and award-winning author, Gabrielle Meyer!

Thanks for stopping by! God bless and KEEP READING!



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