Book Journey: Holding Hands

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Is there love in the air? Come meet Elena and Micah!

Guess what? Love is in the air. If you search for romance novels on Amazon, over 50,000 titles show up. That’s pretty impressive.

Would I consider myself a romance writer? Actually, no. Do I write romance in my novels? Yes! How can that be?

Today’s blog is chocked full of juicy info:

  • Why I don’t consider myself a romance writer, but I write romance.
  • The headshots of two of my characters.*
  • It’s time to officially meet the possible love interest.

Why I don’t consider myself a romance writer, but I write romance: I’ve been a girly, girly pretty much all my life. I have an amazing husband and we’ve been married going

Copy of img_0042

Don’t be disappointed. These aren’t my characters. Although hubby and I are some kind of characters.

on 45 years and we’re still very much in love—you know all the gooey, kissy, hand-holding stuff. So, it would stand to reason I would write romance. But, I’ll let you in on a secret: my hubby is the romantic one. The compassionate one. I call him the nice one in the family. Over the years I’ve learned a lot from him.

My books always have a romance element because of that blessing. I want everyone to know that kind of love, even my characters.

However, because my passion is for women to truly know their worth in God, romance is secondary. Before we ever become girlfriends and wives and mothers, we are daughters.

Not all women had healthy childhoods. Or, circumstances may have created gaping wounds that affect relationships. I’m not afraid to tackle those wounds because I’ve experienced the miraculous, loving hand of God in my own life.


Meet Elena

My character Elena has gaping wounds. Wounds she covers well by isolation, helping others, and a smile. She’s afraid to love again. She feels she’s damaged goods. Who would love her?

It’s going to take a special man to walk with Elena. Someone who sees her value in Jesus.

Meet Micah

Enter, the handsome Micah. Brilliant architect. New believer. Intelligent. And a bumbling mess when it comes to relationships.

No question he’s attracted to the beautiful Elena, but he hasn’t a clue how to cherish and woo the physical therapist. He makes a lot of mistakes. A lot. There for a while, I wanted to give up on him. But, under that awkwardness is an amazing person.

Hopefully, Elena will wait around long enough to realize it. I’m rooting for him.

Next week: The Antagonist

*When I create my character sketches and develop their personalities and story arcs, I have a vision in mind for what they look like. Then I search the internet for headshots of people that resemble them. My friend, novelist Carrie Turansky passed on that hint.

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