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I love the coming attractions at the theatre, don’t you?

Knowing there are movies we want to see, keeps me interested and ready to munch popcorn for several hours and enjoy a new adventure.

Well, I thought you might want to know about the upcoming Author Highlight & Giveaways in the months ahead. Learn about new authors and their latest releases. Oh, and then there are the giveaways! Because that’s fun, too!

Ready? Let’s roll!

  • November: Features award-winning and bestselling author Cynthia Ruchti. Her contemporary novel, Facing the Dawn will be one of the fascinating giveaways! She has other surprises for one very fortunate winner!
  • December: Features award-winning author Natalie Walters. This is a new author to me, so I’m really looking forward to getting to know her. Her mystery suspense novel, Lights Out (The SNAP Agency), will be given to one winner!
  • January 2022: Features award-winning author, Erin Bartels. Erin’s newest book is The Woman Who Could Breathe Under Water. Doesn’t that sound like a fascinating mystery and suspense? Erin is also a new author to me. Can’t wait to get to know her.
  • February 2022: Featured award-winning and bestselling author, Karen Whiting. Karen is a prolific writer whose  focus is family and children. Her new book, Growing a Mother’s Gift, will surely be a blessing to families.
  • March 2022:  Featured bestselling, award-winning Biblical novelist, Jill Eileen Smith. Jill’s book, The Prince and the Prodigal, is certain to be a inspirational story, giving insights into the Biblical narrative. I haven’t connected with Jill in years, so this will sure to be wonderful time together.
  • April 2022: Featured award-winning novelist, Kelli Stuart‘s newest release will be The Master Craftsman, a Russian historical story with a mystery.

That’s the next six months and the rest of the months are filling up fast. More interviews! More books! More chances to win!

Stay Tuned!

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