Daily Word: 3 Ways to Season with Grace, Colossians 4:6

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Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, to know how you ought to answer everyone.  Colossians 4:6


3 Ways to Season With Grace.  Have you ever eaten a dish that was too salty or spicy? I have. And depending upon the situation, I might move the food around on my plate, but I seldom finish much less ask for more. It takes a delicate hand to prepare a meal for someone we don’t know well — really know. It occurred to me how important salt is and Paul’s use of this metaphor was brilliant — of course.

Sharing with strangers or family members or anyone takes a balanced approach. Too “salty” and they won’t finish “eating” the message. Not enough or no salt and the message is bland and not worth the second bite. How do we season our speech with grace? Taking liberties with the food and seasoning analogy how about this, first and foremost, KNOW YOUR “GUEST”:

  1. Your friend or family who is resistant to the Good News, should be seasoned lightly, but often. Not all at once, but over time. Let them see us in the light of a genuine walk of faith with integrity, joy, wisdom — meals they might hunger for right now. Depending upon what they’re hungry for, we can better know their favorite dish and serve it.
  2. Those who are open, but need more information? We can add a bit more seasoning. The highest form of hospitality for my husband is when someone offers him hot sauce, really hot sauce. He loves his food spicy. But for me, no way. The more we know our guests, and the more we pray for them, the more the Holy Spirit will show us how to tailor our meals to each person.
  3. If this is a stranger, then pray that the Holy Spirit will show us what to serve. We might be surprised that He allows us insights into that person so we can serve up the perfect meal — perfectly seasoned, and maybe a little spicy. Having a ready, quick meal/message with us at all times that can be seasoned to that stranger’s need, will show the power of the Holy Spirit.

Salty and spicy foods will inevitably cause us to thirst, which will lead us to drinking water. Our seasoning should always direct our guest to the Living Water — to our Savior. Who then leads us to redemption and to His Father. Who is the gourmet or all gourmet Chefs. I mean have you read His “Cookbook?”



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