Daily Word: Matthew 28:10

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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, immersing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Ruach ha-Kodesh ...  Matthew 28:19, TLV


Make disciples. I admire missionaries to remote lands most of us have never heard of. Could I do it? Probably not. And sometimes, I feel a bit selfish. Despite all the unrest here, we have it pretty good. We don’t have to walk miles for clean water, we turn a faucet and — voila — water. Any temperature we desire. When natural or man-made catastrophes happen, organizations help the best that they can.

Our nation isn’t perfect by a long shot. But, in comparison, I am grateful. So, when Jesus pronounced what is known as the “Great Commission,” how does that apply to us?

This may not be exactly how we understand this verse, but did you know that America’s population represents over 100 countries. Immigrants coming here to make a new life are important to the make-up of this land. So, technically, what we do in our communities for the LORD can have an great impact to the world. So, how could that work?

There is tilling the hardened souls to plant seeds of the Good News, and there are those who reap a harvest of acceptance, and then there are those who nourish — make disciples. It’s not about the number of “saved” souls, it’s about new brothers and sisters who love our Father and understand what Yeshua did to make that possible. And as disciples — redeemed children — we long to make a difference around them.

With all that is going on these days, clearly, there is more work we can do here at home. Whether we’re sowers or reapers or those who disciple, there’s plenty for us to do in our communities. Perhaps, we should begin there — even with COVID. Take up our Savior’s call and discover what He has called us to do.

How do you “make disciples of all nations?”





Adapted from November 2020 blog
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