Daily Word: Open Heart, Proverbs 31:20

Terri Gillespie Daily Word, Wisdom’s Journey Through Proverbs 2 Comments

She spreads out her palms to the poor,
and extends her hands to the needy. Proverbs 31:20, TLV


Open Heart.  Ah, yes. The Proverbs 31 woman. For those who haven’t followed my devotions on Proverbs, here’s an interesting — and hopefully helpful — bit of information: Proverbs 31 is not this woman’s daily or even weekly “To Do” list. Proverbs 31 is a tribute to the lifetime accomplishments of this woman — or any woman who seeks to live a Biblical life.

Now, onward to today’s verse. I love the imagery of how this verse was translated. “Spreads out her palms…” “Extends her hands…” The picture I see is of a woman offering an embrace — a hug. What that means to me is:

  • an open heart
  • someone who sees the person before them
  • is willing to touch, even when that person may be seem untouchable
  • for however long the woman is in the needy person’s presence, she is truly engaged

Writing a check or shoving a few dollars into a cup held by a weary hand, has its place. Because sometimes its the only way to connect to help. But at some point, we need to make eye contact. See. Truly see the person so that our Heavenly Father can show us how best to extend our hands. The  Proverbs 31 woman didn’t travel to the Ukraine or a Third World country. She lived in her community. Walked the dusty roads. Knew many of its residents which may have made connecting with those in need a bit more convenient.

I can get so overwhelmed with the needs in this world. With media coverage and social media we know much more about the problems on our planet. So much more that I think, what can my little bit do? To make a difference?

What I need to remember is that it is not my job to fix the world. It’s my job to do what Father has called and shown me to do. Because, ultimately giving is an act of loving obedience and gratitude.

The Proverbs 31 woman would agree, don’t you think?

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