He who watches his mouth protects his life,
but whoever opens wide his lips comes to ruin. Proverbs 13:3, TLV

Have you ever lamented, “Me, and my big mouth”? I sure have. Too many times in my lifetime. Ever wonder where that regret came from? Probably from this verse in Proverbs.

Before I understood how God’s wisdom worked, I said that line all too often. After I had ruined many a situations and relationships with my mouth. Today, far less, thankfully.

The difference is the wise pause. That pause between the words in our brain before they tumble from our lips. There’s another old adage to count to ten before speaking when we’re angry.

Guess what, it works. Especially if in those ten seconds we pray for wisdom and direction.

Remember, because we’re not perfect this side of heaven, we’ll make mistakes. Don’t give up. Repent, accept forgiveness, seek to make restitution and reconciliation, and learn from the mistake. Let the Holy Spirit make the most of our mistake to refine and sanctify us.

Today, let’s remember to watch our mouth.

Shabbat shalom!

Please pray Psalm 122.

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