Daily Word: Psalm 100:2

Terri Gillespie Daily Word 2 Comments

Serve Adonai with gladness.
Come before His presence with joyful singing. Psalm 100:2, TLV

How do we serve? With reluctance? Resentment? Resignation? Sorry, didn’t mean the alliteration, but we always have a choice how we serve. Joy or not.

Or perhaps we choose to not serve the LORD at all–when called.

That’s an important caveat: when the LORD calls us. Many people can create demands upon us. And they may look really Godly, but stop, pause, and seek the LORD. Is this His will, His direction? We need to discover, who is doing the asking a well-meaning soul, or our Heavenly Father.

Seek Him. He’ll let us know. Because He wants us to know. If we’re resistant–whether yes or no–He’ll send other confirmations of His answer. If there is confusion, stop and repeat the process. Eventually, the answer will become clear.

Then the choice is ours to submit and obey–with joy.

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