Daily Word: Psalm 103:19

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Adonai has set up His throne in the heavens,
and His kingdom rules over all. Psalm 103:19, TLV

Sometimes it’s all about perspective. An ant’s world is huge. We see the ant and see a tiny nuisance. Our Heavenly Father — the Creator of the Universe — has an immense perspective. We’re the ant in that perspective. In fact, earth is the ant. Yet, He love His “ants” and knows the number of hair follicles on our heads.

No doubt we can be a nuisance, because we’re always into things we shouldn’t be. But, He doesn’t want to lose one of us, and it crushes Him when that happens.

Would we sacrifice our child to save one ant? Of course not. Because we didn’t create the ant, we don’t see its value and purpose. Our Father made each of us for a purpose. Each of us has value, especially as His redeemed children. Those who honor the sacrifice of His Son, Yeshua, by believing and accepting His atonement for our sins.

So, it’s all about perspective. And today, as we meditate on this verse, we can walk in the knowledge that the one and only God — Elohim — is mighty and loves us. I’ll take that knowledge and hold it tight. How about you?

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