Daily Word: Psalm 105:1

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Praise Adonai, call upon His Name.
Make known His deeds among the peoples. Psalm 105:1, TLV

What a beautiful psalm! Need a faith-builder? Read all of Psalm 105. The first six verses are pure worship with moments of praise. The wife of our rabbi in Philadelphia wrote a worship song based on this passage. I can hear it now in my heart, and see the Davidic worship dancers in my mind.

The subsequent verses speak of the LORD’s covenants with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob — Israel. The most profound:

He remembers His covenant forever—
the word He commanded for a thousand generations— Psalm 105:8, TLV

Then the following verses go into specifics of the Children of Israel’s journey from slavery to freedom.

Mostly likely we all have unanswered prayers and we may be weary and frustrated, but as with the Patriarchs and the Jewish people, we too have experienced freedom from the slavery of sin. We have our own stories of God’s intervention in our lives. Those are the times we remember when we’re waiting for those reconciliations, those breakthroughs, those lost loved ones’ returns.

Make known those wonders to others by our contented and grateful hearts and our words — and maybe even our praise. Let our Heavenly Father know how grateful we are to be His redeemed children. Praise Him and His Son, call upon His Name. Because He is good, and He is our Dad.

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