Daily Word: Don’t Forget the Next Verse, Philippians 4:19

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My God will fulfill every need of yours according to the riches of His glory in Messiah Yeshua [Jesus].  Philippians 4:19, TLV


Don’t Forget the Next Verse.  My old bugaboo, context. Paul’s final words to the Philippian believers is so beautifully written. So worshipful. Yet, how many times have we “used” this verse as our justification for our every “need.” All the while confusing needs with wants. Here’s that next verse:

To our God and Father be the glory forever and ever! Amen.  (vs.20, TLV)

And there it is. All those wants that we have somehow translated into needs? How do they glorify our Heavenly Father?

When we think of the “riches” of our Father’s glory in His Son, it truly changes our priorities. Our Father’s glory was manifested in the sacrifices of His Son. For us. Isn’t that enough? Do we need anything else? Of course.

We need His forgiveness, guidance, wisdom, hope, revelation, Holy Spirit, renewal, restoration . . . Those are some of the spiritual needs. But what about the physical needs. We might need a vehicle to get to work. A job to support our family. Warm clothing in the winter. Good health. Plentiful harvest. Basics. Yet, sometimes those aren’t a given, are they?

It’s hard to complain about car repairs when there are precious souls who walk miles for clean water. Or complain that we weren’t given the job we wanted because there was someone better qualified when there are souls who aren’t given basic rights because of the color of their skin.

Priorities and perspective. What gives glory to our God and Father?

Our best example will always be His Son. When we study and live what Jesus taught and lived, our priorities and perspectives will change. Challenges become teaching moments and opportunities to draw closer to our Father to seek Him, to surrender to Him — even the needs we think we really need.

Shabbat shalom, mishpocha!

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