Daily Word: Unraveling the Snare, Proverbs 29:25

Terri Gillespie Daily Word, Wisdom’s Journey Through Proverbs Leave a Comment

Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but one who trusts in ADONAI [the LORD] will be kept safe. Proverbs 29:25, TLV


Any type of fear is a trap, but the fear of man is particularly tricky. It can disguise itself as a form of respect or responsibility. Or the fear of offending others with truth.

How do we know the difference between fear and anxiety? Is there a difference?

Has our “world” become smaller because of fear?

Navigating this world has become complicated. What “worked” in the past, is not only frowned upon, but it can result in serious repercussions.

That’s unsettling. And that’s okay to acknowledge that fact, we just have to watch for the snares of fear hidden in those anxious moments.

When we take our fears and concerns to the only Source of Resolution, we begin to untangle ourselves from the snares that hold us back. When we rely on our Heavenly Father — trust Him — the universe opens.

For some of us, it is a day-to-day, hour-by-hour struggle. Don’t give up. Keep trusting. He is right there with us.


Adapted from my April 2021 devo
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