Book’s Journey: Holding Hands, Part 11

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Holding Hands, Part 11: Your Questions

We’ve covered a lot of writing topics. But, this is only the tip of what a writer of fiction does. So, it’s time for you to ask your questions.

As a way to help you focus on specific questions, I thought I’d give you the links and brief summary of each blog to help you along.

My plan is to take your questions and answer them in my last blog (unless I get picked up by an agent — then you’ll follow me on that journey).

Here are the links, just click on the title:

Part 1: How the Story Began — the “What if” Factor:

Part 2: After the “What if” — Is it an Idea or Inspiration?

Part 3: The Snowflake — The One Sentence Wonder   

Part 4: A Character by Any Other Name — Naming Characters

Part 5: Where, O Where is this Book? The Setting for Holding Hands 

Part 6: Is Love in the Air? Come and Meet Elena and Micah

Part 7: Meet Holding Hands‘ Resident Antagonist, Denny

Part 8: Other Characters — The Comic Relief — Neecey 

Part 9: Other Characters — The Voice of God Character — Olivia 

Part 10: Backstory — The Heart of a Novel   

I hope you’ll have lots of questions about the above topics or any others you can think of. Thank you for following these blogs, especially my Pinterest and Facebook friends.

Well, it’s time for me to work on my next book — 15,000 words in and only 75,000 to go. More on that later. 🙂

Next week: Part 12 — Answers to Your Questions